English For Children

English For Children

Our summer intensive courses for kids consists of 20 to 30 hrs tuition over a 2 week period depending on the age of the children.

Classes can be taught by either a mix of local and native speaker teachers or native speakers only.

Age Duration of the course Cost for the course
4 to 6 years old  20 hours (2 weeks: 2 hrs every day) N/A 140 AZN 100 AZN
7 to 10 years old  20 hours (2 weeks: 2 hrs every day) N/A
140 AZN N/A
11 to 15 years old  30 hours (2 weeks: 3 hrs every day) N/A
210 AZN N/A

Throughout the year we provide a selection of courses for children and teenagers.

Our programme is educational, fun and specifically designed for children aged 4 - 15. Groups are arranged according to the level and age of the children with particular attention paid to the selection of materials appropriate for each group.

Lessons are lively, interesting and rewarding. Your children are encouraged to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills using carefully selected resources, games, role-play activities and songs.

We follow the Cambridge programme for Young Learners so you can be sure your children are making the best and fastest progress.

We always provide a safe, friendly atmosphere for your children.

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