About us

July 30, 2014

Welcome to Language Services Direct

Our mission at Language Services Direct is to provide cutting edge, cost-effective language training and consulting solutions so that you, your team and your organization can take advantage of the opportunities presented by today's global market.

Our quality management system

is designed to ensure the maintenance of service quality through evaluation, inspection and verification processes at all stages. Our Quality policy is based on the following principles. ·        

  • We aim to fulfill customer expectations through highly skilled employees working together in cross-functional tea

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  • We ensure the achievement of our quality goals through application of the ISO 9001:2008 standard in all our processes

  • We ensure the achievement of student levels through application of the internationally recognized standards of achievement (The Common European Framework system of levels)

  • We keep our knowledge and expertise about teaching methodology and ongoing research up-to-date and continually exchange ideas with other companies

  • We develop our trainer and administration staff within the framework of our internal and external training and development programs.

  • We aim our Quality policy to be coherent with the goals of our organization as well as to meet the requirements of effective Quality management.

  • We ensure that the personnel are informed and clear about our Quality Policy.

This is how we provide integrated and innovative solutions to our customers that have been proven successful in the day-to-day business. 

We can offer:

  • Large, spacious premises located near park named after Samed Vurgun
  • Highly-qualified native speaker and local trainers
  • Corporate and public courses
  • Core courses: General English, Business English and English for the oil and gas industry
  • Specialist courses: English for HR professionals, E-mail English, English for Lawyers, Advanced Business writing
  • Exam courses (TOEFL, FCE, CAE, IELTS)
  • Fully equipped self access centre
  • E-learning
  • Internationally recognized system of level testing devised by the Council of Europe
  • Russian, Azerbaijani, Spanish and German training
  • Business Skills and Cross-Cultural Seminars
  • Resources for English Teachers and Learners: www.teachingenglish.org.uk and www.learnenglish.org.uk

Our rigorous approach to course design combined with the application of modern, proven teaching methods has been well received, winning us contracts in all sectors of the Azerbaijan economy, including the oil and gas sector, telecommunications, banking and government departments.

We offer courses for both the general public and corporate sector and have an expanding range of business skills and cultural training seminars.